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Egarak Black Garlic Honeyed Slices

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Egarak Black Garlic Honeyed Slices 


│ Product description │

- Storage : Keep in a cool place at 15~18⁰C / avoiding direct sunlight
- Small box size : 1ea/ 6.5cm*9.5cm*2cm
- Small box weight : 30g
- Size of 1 set : 10 small boxes / 34.5cm*25cm*3.5cm
- Weight of 1 set : 600g
- Box size : 15sets / 56cm*38cm*28cm
- Box weight 10.2kg
- How to intake Take : 10g(1/2ea)~20g(1ea) a day.

* Features of the product
1. Small packing is easy to carry and eat, and everyone lightly to enjoy it.
2. Mugwort-fumigated fermented and aged black garlics are dried after soaked in honey, which keeps active ingredients unchanged, and makes it possible to eat them with sweet, sticky edible texture without a pungent flavor unique to garlic.

│ Ripening and fermentation Black Garlic Gangsan? │

Fermented and ripened with no additives and at regular temperature and humidity, the unique garlic smell ingredient, allicin, is removed so that Black Garlic Gangsan has no unpleasant or strong smell like general garlic but has a sweet and sour taste.

│ Features of the ripening fermentation process of black garlic Gangsan │

*Technology makes the difference
The pure garlic cultivated in Namhae is matured by employing a patented mugwort fumigation method in the retinispora ripening containers over the course of one month. The pure natural product changes the garlic taste naturally without the addition of additives.

*Garlic's nutrients are absorbed in the body in their pure form.
The unique garlic smell and spicy and acid taste is removed. The jelly-like texture and sweet and sour taste melt in the mouth can be enjoyed by everyone.

*Effects of raw garlic and black garlic are upgraded.
The content of SOD is much higher than raw garlic, as the water content decreases and the active ingredients increase.
During fermentation, S-aryl cysteine, which doesn’t exist in raw garlic, is generated so that the absorption rate of garlic’s active ingredients increases.

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Egarak Black Garlic Honeyed Slices

Egarak Black Garlic Honeyed Slices

Egarak Black Garlic Honeyed Slices